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can't believe august is here already! in miami that means super hot and humid days, so between the usual happenings and doing it's also the time to start prepping for the holiday months. yes i said holidays, not because the retail stores are already on that mode, but because hand makers like me want to have the holiday makes ready to be open for custom orders and to actually enjoy the festivities too, haha!
as you can all see from the past few posts lots of new whimsies and many more to come. in the works got some new novelty pillows, more gitanitas and lots of embroidered art as i start to get ready for my first comic book convention. so if you liked the art piece i made for Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery's Return of Stitch Wars then you are going to love what's coming. 
so, i am advising all the blog may get a bit neglected, i'll try my best not to, but between the day job, the exercising program i'm doing, the family and the crafty table, things may get overlooked. hopefully not to bad. so don't forget follow on Instagram and Facebook where i post on the run more regularly
on another note, after the 3+ months trial and failure with big cartel, i've decided to migrate back to etsy and while at it to use the patterns affiliation to my advantage and have my professional store front as i wanted. the added value is that i now have two store fronts for the same amount as what i had with big cartel. so now when you click on the site icon you will be lead here not the same of course but it works for now and it looks neat.
well, till next one
n happy crafting

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