2011 Gallery

Fabric Trees

Hand Embroidered Applique Frames

Rustic Circle Ornies

Angel Ornies

Woodland Applique Ornies

Holiday Fabric Houses

Gingerbread Couple Ornaments

Holiday Applique Ornies

 Miniature Gnome Plushie Dolls

 Whimsy Gift Couple Ornies

Rustic Couple Ornies
Whimsy Fabric Houses

 X Boy Ornie Set
Snowflake Plushie Bear

Rustic Bucket Pincushion

Pin Pots

Whimsy Pin Cushions

Embroidered Owl Pouch

Flower Pouch


Mr. Skull Keepsake Box

The Witches
Elegant Glitter Silhouette Ornaments Orange

Elegant Glitter Silhouette Ornaments Black

Mrs. Frankenstein

Trick Or Treaters

Voodoo Dolls
El Muerto
Day of the Dead Party Couple

Mustachio Monsters

Witchy Trick or Franky Treat

 "Happy Halloween" Clown

Silhouette Ornie set

Art Dolls
Let Them Eat Cake

The Land I Love

A Walk in the Park

Victorian Steampunk

Autumn Fae
Day of the Dead Frida Kahlo

Seductive Blue Gaze




Miss Butterfly

Material Girl

Whimsical Flowers

Butterfly Wishes

Whimsy Flower Trio

It's Spring Time Fairy

Easter Bunny Clown

Easter Parade Couple

Spring Doll Collection 
Sally~ 1st. ed.

Lola~ 2nd ed. 

Victoria~3rd ed. 

Sue 4th. ed.



Art Nouveau  

 Embroidered Moleskin Button Eye Girl

For the Birds Mini Journal w/ tag

Long Journey Journal w/ Tag

Merci Journal w/ Tag

Lets Gather Sweet Flowers Journal w/ Tag

Edgar Allan Poe Journal w/ Tag

I Love You Mini Journal w/ Tag

Vejigante Mask

St. Patrick's Day
Boy with Pot of Gold

Valentine Collection
Valentine Greeting Frame

Be My Valentine Frame

Valentine Clown

Red Passion Lovers Card Set

Classic Couple Card Set

Pink Whimsy Card Set

Green Whimsy Card Set

Heart Keepsake box


Donut Pin Cushion
(Customer Giveaway)

Owl Pin Cushions/ Bowl Stuffers
(Art Sunny Side Up Holiday Show)

Gingerbread and Stocking Ornament
(Art Sunny Side Up Holiday Show) 

Craft Tonic Ornament Exchange

Haloween Felted Ornies
(Handmade Movement Giveaway) 

For You Faerie
(Blog Giveaway)

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