whimsy pouches...

another fun make done for the past pop-up were these whimsy pouches. 
i did a garage sale with my sister in law last month, she had a ton of "stuff" and guess what she had a bunch of?? ZIPPERS!!! so as an insider ( aka. family) she gave them to me free of course and what better way to use them than by making these little pouches. i personally like these because it gives me a chance to play with the huge assortment of fabric i have accumulated, plus they are so useful. i myself have quite a few. so with no further delay here they are...

the cupcake dancer

pretty kitty (yes another cat to the collection ;)

my favorite, the fox

the teddy bear

and a mouse lady

and of course got a few more that i still got to sew, but aren't they CUTE!!! i think so, but some may say i'm biased on my opinions, haha!!! 
so what character is your favorite??


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