2014 Gallery


Little Monsters

Happy Yeti

The Witches

Super Yeti

Jack-O-Lantern Clown

Sugar Skull Babies


Sugar High

 Little Girls

 Hug Me Gnomes
2nd Ed.

Little Swimmers

Mini Wacky Owls

Easter Chicks

 The Whacky Pirates

 Little Dreamers

 Hug Me Gnomes

 Woodland Pals

Art Dolls

Easter Duckies

Love Birds

Party Ducky

Flower Girls

Candy Break Time

Spring Crush

Honey Bees

Whimsy Stroll

 Fun Play Time

Gifts and Fun Knacks

Whimsy Clown

 Chirpy Birdy

Owl Tote Bag

Memories Tote bag

Day of the Dead Tote bag

Pretty Flowers Tote bag

Lucky Pill Buddies Bunny

 Lucky Pill Buddies Bears

 Lucky Pill Buddies Owls

 Whimsy Pin Pots

Twinkles Magnets

 Owl Key Chains

Owl Key Chains

Shabby Granny Pillow

Big Hoot Red Granny Pillow

Custom/ Exclusives

Holiday Gift

The Teacher

Bunting Banner

Amanda the Artist

 for a Molly and Fox Magazine

Mrs. Teddy
Handmade Movement Giveaway


 Heart Toppers

 Bunting Banner

Teddy Bear Baby Ornie

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