return of stitch wars...

Today is.....

once again,
 MsBitty will have a custom art piece exhibiting at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery this time two favorite themes stitch + starwars, how can one go wrong, haha!! So if you are in the area the fun starts at 11:00 AM just as Tate's Comics will be hosting their Star Wars family fun day event. 
For those who can't or are out of state, here is my stitched masterpiece
Rey and BB-8

of course on planet Jakku

this piece was like painting  by numbers, lots of little pieces together, but at the end i was very pleased with the result

made it on a wooden plaque, it just fit with the colors, easy and ready to hang.

you like??
so locals come on over, it will sure be a fun event. 
and may the force be with you 


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