2013 Gallery


Merry Mr. Bugsy

Gingerbread Mustachios Ornies

Oh Christmas Tree Ornies

Gnome for the Holidays

Jolly Mousy

Christmas houses Ornies

Santa Baby

Frosty Baby

Mini Red House Ornies

Winter Wonderland Mini House Ornies

Holiday Baby Ornies

 Candy Owl Ornies


 zombie rabbits

See, Hear, Talk No Evil Pumpkins

Witchy Mr. Moonshine

Button Eye Pretty

 Lil Ghost

 The Misfits

The Goblings

Little Witches

Las Catrinas

The Creepies

Funny Face Skulls

Sugar Skulls

Lil Devil

 Lil Draculas

 Lil Frankensteins

 Patriotic/ Summer


Chirpy Blue

Chirpy Pink

 Pals Forever

little Poe

Smelly Critters

Miss Americana



Happy Flowers
Little Chicks

 Mother's Day Fabric Houses

What To Do? Love Doll

 What To Do? Laugh Doll

 What To Do? Gardening Doll

 What To Do? Whatever Doll
What To Do?? Smile Doll

 What to Do?? Sew Doll
Los Fuertes

Heart Characters

 Love Bug

Heart Bunting

Granny Love

Country Loving


Las Chiquitinas

Baby Gumpys

Woodland Boys  






Gifts and Fun Knacks

Birdy Tote

Small Felt Heart Toppers

Mustachio Hairpins

Bow Hairpins

 Owl Key chain Charms
Whimsy Spring
Boy Owl

Sleepy Cloud

Girl Owl

Granny Square

Early Summer Granny

 Flower Tote

 Shabby Granny Lavender Sachets

Journals / Cards:

Witchy Trick and Franky Treat Card

Hi Granny Card

Bitty Bag Card

The Misfits Dolls Postcard Set

Jax Doll Postcard

Blossom Doll Postcard

Cherry Doll Postcard

Shabby Heart

Home is Where the Heart Is

Bunting Flags


Polar Bear Baby Girl Ornie

Holly Gnome
custom gift

Mr. Hanky
 custom gift

Hug Me Bunny Blanket
custom gift

Rustic Owl Ornies
(custom gift)

Wacky Owl
(Handmade Giveaway Donation)


custom gift

Mini Heart Toppers

Breanna the Cheerleader

Wolfie's Buddy Plush Doll 

Big Eye Santas
(custom gift)

Big Eye Frosties
(custom gift)

Christmas Owl Ornies

 Pollito #2

Heart Toppers

Heart Toppers

Wacky Owls Small & Mini

Wedding Gift

Mini Wacky Owl

Small Wacky Owl
Mini Wacky Owl

 Personalized Tote with crocheted Bunny

Mini Wacky Owls

 Mini Wacky Owl

Heart Toppers 

Mini Wacky Owls for the Handmade Giveaways

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