i'm a self-taught artist/ crafter based in miami, fl. a medical assistant by day, the rest of the time my little crafty alter ego takes over and comes MsBittyKnacks. 
always looking for ways to animate any mode of creativity, as far back as i can remember, i was always making a little something either for a loved one or as a decoration. this behavior was always reinforced and encouraged by my mother ( the artist in the house). from then to now, i still made my "bitty knacks" specially for the holidays. but, the little crafty alter ego became very insistent until it became a unique SHE, now known as Ms Bitty Knacks. so, here "we" are with our unique whimsical decor and designs to be enjoyed by everyone. 
i adore vintage halloween makes, mexico's day of the dead holiday traditions, boho/ gypsy style, nature, the victorian era, granny chic, anything kawaii, steampunk, zakka, prim and good old folk art
so, take a moment to browse through the blog; visit the shop, become a follower so you can enjoy the whimsical creations and share the adventure as we evolve through this world of art. 

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