the end...

I've been postponing this post...
making 100% sure i wasn't going to have any regrets,
confirming deep within that this is what i WANT to do....

i feel
 i have grown
 and have deviated away from the path I've shared with MsBittyKnacks 
 gotten to the point that i can no longer deny it to myself 
and new projects are calling.
with this said, 
my time is now more limited and this is why i will no longer be posting on the blog. The shop will stay open for now, for when the whimsyness attacks i can create and share but will not be accepting any custom requests and of course won't be posting fresh work regularly or anytime soon.
i will leave this blog available, as a testament to MsBitty's passage.

Thank you to all that have supported this venture and shared this experience
with love 



suicide squad...

who didn't watch the suicide squad??
well, if you haven't watch it, it's a fun movie and a bit different from the usual comic inspired movies. 
as many remember I was prepping for ultracon last year, which got spoiled due to the hurricane watch Fl was placed on and one of the makes I got around to were these fun embroidered pieces.  I hadn't been able to post with all the comings and goings but finally slowly am posting them now. here are my top three characters of the suicide squad movie: Diablo, Joker and Harley Quinn 

the three were hand embroidered out of felt and assembled on a printed canvas block that's ready to hang and will all be at the shop by next week.


girl power...

finally got around to posting the most adorable super heroes 
Power Puff Girls
i loved these little girls when they made their day view in the cartoon network and since of late I've been expanding my horizons a bit, and i do enjoy embroidery what better way than to reminisce on some of my favorite characters....   

my favorite of the three is Buttercup



they are just too cute!!
they are now live at the shop and keep posted for more to come
slowly but is coming.
so, spill the beans, which of the three is your favorite???
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