indie craft bazaar....

will be at revolution live vending at indie craft bazaar
so if you are in the area visiting, or local swing by, check out all the fabulous handmade vendors. what better gift than a handmade gift, right?!?!
see you there!


lots of gifts n special orders...

of course this is the time for special orders and gifting here is some of each
added a hat by the customer's request

wanted to show off the holiday greeting cards that have been going out with every order, 
got the gnome 

and the jammie girls

been wanting to share this custom order,
which i can finally share since the customer received it already.
here is my first unicorn...

and here is the beauty...
sorry had to take the photos at nighttime, so some heavy shadows are present...

the horn and wing got some glitter

inspired by gingermelon's sweet pony
this little fella was made out of felt and stuffed with polyfill. white and peach combo. with pink, purple, peach, green, teal, green/blue accent colors. pale yellow ribbon tie. he measures approx. 15 x 12 inches.
for being the first, must confess am quite proud!! 
now, on a sad note, am not accepting custom orders until next year, need to prep for the next pop up market and to actually enjoy some of the holiday break, aka. rest and home projects are waiting, haha!

'till next one, 



this black friday i say no to the craziness and am joining the millions of people who will be  joining the REI initiative and will be spending the beautiful day in the outdoors
so if you are doing the same, please share and use the hashtag #optoutside to share your adventure

have FUN!!!!
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