for the veterans...

Veterans Day Salute
by: Kim Robin Edwards

For those who lost their lives in battle.
Their photo still rests upon the mantel.
They gave their lives, to fight for freedom.
They gave their lives, with spirit and wisdom.
boots and buttons.Helmets of steal which
Army boots and bags.Navy Seals and rags.
Air Force wings and badges.Marine Corps
lost for freedom.
Remembering the days truly toughen.
Toughen the fighting men who wish to be free.
Remembering the lives we right to be free.
A twenty one gun salute, for we had to dig in.
While fighting the wars on land and sea.
Defending our flag, for the the very end..
all our brave men.Who battled at war, 
until the very end...
in honor of our veterans and all the brave service men and women
thank you

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