the hutch...

as part of the crazy mission home project, i have taken some photos throughout to share, since a good part of what my BF and i are doing is DIY/ re-purposing/ re-styling/ up-dating/ our "good bones" furniture. of course, i wish i could have taken photos of every step, but when you are sweaty, all dusty or with paint in hand; it doesn't happen and a photo is the last thing on your mind, haha!!
so the famous hutch... 
this super bulky, ugly looking thing (wasn't picked by me, for the record), was a piece i would have given away if asked. but a few months ago, thanks to pinterest i saw this an ugly duckling converted into the prettiest piece, that spiked an interest and the more i searched, the more beautiful transformations i found.... so i took a good look at mines and actually noticed the beautiful wood detail and it was ON!!! i read every tutorial i could find and decided on a style the BF and i would like...
(again, the photos where taken with the phone, not good at all, sorry!!)

here is now

it used to be this... 

what a difference, right?
ok, removed all hardware, drawers and doors. separated the two parts, covered windows and other non-paint parts, cleaned, stripped, primed

sand, used a silvery gray and black paint both satin.
did silver, sand, black, sand, black, sand, wax, polish, wax,polish
yes, lot of steps, but its a piece that gets a lot of use
(you will notice in the photos it always has something on, haha!!!)

love the worn out, beat-up detail in silver and wood, changed the hardware on the drawers only and used the script fabric from ikea for the back panels.
i absolutely love the hutch now and the wax makes the wood detail look marvelous!
what do you think????
i'll share the dinning table next


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