the dining area...

as promised here is the dining table
same "style" as the hutch of course, except the chair's upholstery fabric which begins the transition to the "country style" flow between there and the kitchen, if that makes sense. 
also is the only fabric the BF and i finally agreed on, haha!!

of course i forgot to take a chair before n after... but here is the pretty fabric for the cushions

  yes, yes from ikea. but it's so pretty!!
i mean look at the chairs

i also did a custom bench from the other chairs, i've been wanting one for the table for the longest. i planned and wanted to do a tutorial, of course forgot to take pictures of half of the steps, boo!!!!!!! so here are the ones i did

of course, how to do the frame; but i'm doing another bench with the other chair parts and promise to do that there
after the foam: got a bag of rolled basting evenly stretched it to the foam- placed fabric and began to staple- cut excess fabric and used black fabric to cover the bottom neatly- placed and screwed to base and...

 here all together

love them!!!!!!

**believe it or not, i'm still without a full kitchen, but finger's cross it will get done this weekend. also will give an update on my gorgeous UP styled chandelier and living room tables
and a full, chair upholstery project has begun too....**

so keep posted as this craziness continues


daydreamsdustbunnies said...

I love all of them. Good job!!!

MsBittyKnacks said...

Thanks Laura!

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