americana prim beauty...

one thing I love is the whole prim style/ movement
there are some lovely dolls and knacks that are just too precious
i particularly love the americana, patriotic prim decor and inspired by it, i decided to do this year's 4th of july doll in this style
so here's miss americana

 bit rag doll, softie, prim combined
 made of natural cotton, hand embroidered face, acrylic yarn hair and button eyes

 had the striped fabric tea stained, edged with crocheted trim in navy blue and cream and held on the top with a dottie brown ribbon

 she holds a burlap sack with a fabric star, flowers, flag and hanging from the sack is an embroidered cloth that reads: America

 on her left she holds little tea like bags on a natural twine, stuffed and hand embroidered with the words: USA 

little miss america can be a shelf sitter or can be hanged since there's a small ribbon attached to her head

it was a complete pleasure looking at the end result, she came out beautiful for a first and she is available at the shop 
 can't wait to do another but for Christmas maybe.
do let me know if it sounds like a good idea?


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