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Daddy's Girl
by: Heather McTiernan

Quiet as you are, I always knew
You were watching me, loving me, all the years through
Hard as it was at time, I am sure;
You were there for me, even when you felt like showing me the door
Through all of the years and the laughter and the tears
I was happy to know there was a place I had no fears
That place was home with you and mom,
where everything was safe and I could be calm
For years I was trouble, and for that I regret
A trillion million sorrys haven't covered it yet
I am all grown now, and have finally found my way
All that you've given me, I could never repay...
So on this day I celebrate you...
My wonderful father and the greatest dad too!!

Happy Father's Day to my brother's and all the wonderful papas!!

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