the end...

I've been postponing this post...
making 100% sure i wasn't going to have any regrets,
confirming deep within that this is what i WANT to do....

i feel
 i have grown
 and have deviated away from the path I've shared with MsBittyKnacks 
 gotten to the point that i can no longer deny it to myself 
and new projects are calling.
with this said, 
my time is now more limited and this is why i will no longer be posting on the blog. The shop will stay open for now, for when the whimsyness attacks i can create and share but will not be accepting any custom requests and of course won't be posting fresh work regularly or anytime soon.
i will leave this blog available, as a testament to MsBitty's passage.

Thank you to all that have supported this venture and shared this experience
with love 


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