last pop-up...

last week was my last pop up market for the year. pretty late but it was lots of fun!!

indie craft bazaar was great fun, the coordinators were helpful as always. here are some photos of my booth...

these little guys were a HIT!! got some left over that will be included to the shop update i'm currently working on

and these cuties are my favorite of the 2017 holiday collection, too adorable!!

i posted this on my instagram, same day of the show, just love it!!

and here are the holiday cards done for the swag bags and given with each purchase, a total hit by the way!!

thank you all that came by and said hello, it's always super fun to meet you all. don't forget the little coupon that was added in your orders ;)

and for my online readers i will be doing my final shop update between today and tomorrow so keep posted i will be announcing a mega coupon for my end of the year sales, YAY!!!!


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