wanted to take the time and sit with a leveled head and write this post. like most of the world I have been shaken up with the recent tragedy that happened in Orlando. it did hit a bit harder than most mass violence incidents because it was local and in my old home town (i used to live in Deltona/ Sanford/ Lake Mary areas for more 10 yrs). was relieved to know that some dear friends weren't there on that night but, just like i said hard hit with the tragedy. i have been disgusted with how politicians have used the event as a way to push their own agendas and how the masses via social media persuade and continue the conversation totally disrespectiing others. I myself made the mistake on one of my personal accounts and posted being too emotional and so regret it.... i've also been disgusted on the many religious and prejudiced people that have disrespected the deceased and their families. 
i just wanted to take time, speak my heart and head out and share with you some wise words of the only person who i believe has some sense... Maria

 "If we start now and make the effort, we can make the world a more peaceful place. We have to try. The human population is growing and climate change is having its effect. Violence breaks out because our destructive emotions run out of control. Human rights violations, for example, are related to anger and a lack of respect. We can counter these tendencies by cultivating warm-heartedness and concern for others."

Dalai Lama

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