grind coffe and craft fair...

this past saturday i did for the first time the Grind Coffee Project's monthly craft fair. It was just a few minutes from home, so that was a true plus!!

was a bit excited since once again had to change my outdoor diplay. Quick version: last pop up the Bitty helper destroyed one of the table legs and to fix it had to dismantle half of the table, sooo being on the lazy side and to improve some kinks here is the new and improve Bitty display, what do you think???  

here is the shop's sign, MsBitty is so proud!!!!

bit closer table look.
went back to the wooden crates, more neutral and makes the colorful dolls stand out more
the bottom is not finished, got to add two more crates for the "BIGGER" makes that MsBitty has on the crafty table ;)

here's a new addition to the display, made exclusively to properly diplay the summer collection Let's Grow Together thats under the Dollys section of the shop

one last photo!

the time went by fast, which was good because with the high temps and high humidity according to the weather channel app was a feel of 104, yikes!!! 
there were only a few vendors and we were melting, haha!

Chachas Jewelry

there was a live band that jammed plus the coffee house had some yummy caffeinated drinks, met some nice ladies and made the most of it as always!! 


PaintedMemoriesBy Rosella said...

Love the displays Maria! Your sign is fantastic!

MsBittyKnacks said...

Thank you Ros!!

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