fun times...

i must say, the spring carnival by the Riviera Schools parent club was super fun!!!!!
first off the weather was beautiful, lovely sunny day with a nice, a bit strong at times wind, but overall fabulous.

there were two large tents with a total of 12 vendors, i was all the way on the back which worked great

had an extra large table and just gave me great space for more whimsies to be displayed

here are some of my neighbors...
Salem of Aidartisan who sells beautiful African jewelry

here is Jaclyn of Sakura Soaps table

here is Tashah of Candlessentials who makes not only fabulous candles but the packaging has seeds and is plantable, so unique!!!

of course had to get some photos of the most fabulous customers sporting some sexy lips and mustachios

and what carnival doesn't have cotton candy?? sure got my sugar fix, haha!!

it was a great time and hope to be part of it again.
Thanks to the parents club and Cristina who was absolutely awesome!


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