afternoon at the flea...

yesterday spent my afternoon at one of my favorite local events, the miami flea and what a blast it was!!!

first off must say sorry that i didn't take more photos, but just got distracted with the good entertainment plus in the fun conversation with friends. the music was good, lots of vendors and the food, just delish!!!
i did behave, wanted to purchase way more but was good, plus had the boyfriend giving me the "are you gonna keep buying" guilt trip look, so i reigned in temptation and got this skully bracelet

there are the talented ladies

and it looks great with the other skully bracelets i had on, haha!!

and this piece just drew me in!!!!
of course a Frida and Diego piece from Paloma Duenas

gorgeous detail...

one more...

had a blast once again, this event just keep getting better and better and can't wait till the next one.

till next one 


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