all about weaving...

i'm obsessed
i have fallen head over heels for the beauty of tapestry weaving, this one is the guilty one

i mean, isn't that the most beautiful thing???? the more i look, read and search the more i'm enamored with the art. look at these beauties...

by: wold630

gorgeous!!! these few are an example of all the inspiration available online, along with tons of instructional videos and blogs on how to not only the tapestry but the looms too. i had the BF help me do a home loom (he offered ;) haha!!) and am dipping into this fabulous world of weaving. once i begin my first one i'll share the progress.
please if there are any readers that do this craft if there is any advise or good book read do send me a message. 
till next one, happy crafting


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