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well dear friends, 
i wanted to do a tiny little update on what has been happening and the why's i'm not as active as before. not that i don't want to, no no! i've had a change in position on the day job, which like any NEW, am on the learning and adapting to. the position is more challenging but i am enjoying it immensely. the down side of course is longer hours and less time during the week to play with MsBitty and of course the pups and BF also want some attention, which pretty much is leaving 1 or less of a day to dedicate to fun crafting and all other task the shop demands. 
on top of all the fun i was sick the past 2 weeks with the cold running around and was on zombie mode for a bit. 

i have lots of new goodies i still haven't been able to photograph to list so keep posted...there will be new rag dolls, a pretty wall kawaii piece, more pin cushions and am working with some circus pieces, yay!!!!! so bear with me like MsBitty is and soon, i'm hoping... will be back to a more regular schedule :)
PS. am going on a fun outing tomorrow, so be sure to check the instagram feed 

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