fun shopping...

i have been wanting to share some fun photos from a little shopping trip i did last month to a favorite spot of mines: Cooper City's antique mall. The bonus is that the BF also likes, so i get to pick more n get him to pay, haha!!!

absolutely gorgeous!!

saw this and thought of my spinner friends...

finally got my hand on one of these, this was a gift from the BF, hehe!!
here are the ones that made it home

the rusty iron lantern was picked by the BF, n what better shelf end than a vintage iron 

these are decoration pieces for my kitchen

and this super cute booty i have it displayed on my living room, too cute!!!
of course it was a super fun trip and can't wait to go again.



Zombydolls said...

Que tienda más curiosa :) me encantan las antigüedades!

PaintedMemoriesBy Rosella said...

Great finds Maria!

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