Stitch Rock 2012

Finally able to sit down and share with you all the fun Stitch Rock was.
As you all well know, MsBitty and I were super excited of being part of this show. 

The past show reviews were amazing and the creator/ organizer/ master mind Amanda Linton is just fabulous!
So, very early my day started and after an hour on the road I finally arrived. The air was just electrifying and everyone was on a mission to get their displays up and running. Rapidly did I put my bitty assistant to work and tad aah here's my booth. 


Yes, lots of new products, an a new set-up with the crate and baskets. Once 11 a.m. came a line of eager shoppers were waiting to get in the fun and it began. Busy, busy we got and in between all the fun the A/C took a break making our faces red with cheer. As we got crowd after crowd, let me introduce some of the neighbors. I became quite chatty with my next door neighbor Hannah of 

 She had beautiful jewelry and some fun paper mache masks.
Right across was 

Next to Lisa's booth was one of my favorites, Sara of Stitch of Whimsy

Well there was plenty of foot traffic...

and I got bought out of Mustachios

These girls and their mustaches sure made my day!!!
Of course I had to say hello to some friends...
Millie of Spazzy Wonder

Sue of SeeSueStitch

and Irma of I Work Art Work

And do some shopping too...

yes lots of wonderful vintage doilies, 2 super cute playful rings from Annie'sCupBoards

and a ugly/cute plush ornie from Bananeurysm

There was way too many great talented artist and way too much to see.
Yep that's me pimping my new ring.
Of course the goody bag had so much that I would have to make a new post on it :)
It was just a great Show!!!

What's better yet it was reviewed in various media and there are some BITTY fun.
In SouthFlorida.com I'm mentioned on picture 8
and on the Broward New Times picture 22 the girls from above "Mustachio Girls" with MsBittyKnacks Mustachios.

Yes, Great Show!!

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