The Pixies

Many have heard the sing a longs.
Seen the flowers move and nothing to be seen.
It is told they are generally benign, but they are very mischievous.
Usually short of stature, attractively childlike in appearance.
But one thing is for sure, they do love to dance.
Meet the Pixies.

There are three elders left; Leafy, Hearty and Retro, who protect the little ones when unknown humans and other creatures are around. They also attempt to keep a bit of order and teach the little ones the basics and their lore. 

Hearty is obsessed with hearts, her favorite pass time is to carve lots of mini hearts in the trunk of the trees and to eat conversational hearts.

Retro can be found by her glamorous attire and the loud New Wave music she always plays. She just loves all things 80's.  

Leafy loves to play dress-up, specially with the little ones. She is always on a mission to find the perfect bouncy skirt for dancing. 

Shabby was the master decor of the clan, she always kept the home cozy and could always be found sewing  and knitting and sipping on tea. (She lives now with a little girl who adores her in an adorable shabby shed). 

The little ones are still in training but they already have their distinguishing traits.

Electric loves to play Punk Rock music and to find beautiful flowers to make bouquets out off.

Cupcake spends all her time in the kitchen baking, inventing new recipes that are always super sweet.

Sweetheart is the youngest of the clan and is spoiled by everyone because of her sweetness and innocence in all matters.

Screamy can be heard many miles away; she is always singing loudly and when she speaks everyone thinks she's screaming.

Gothica was the most quiet but smartest of the little ones. To mature for her age, she was to be the next clan leader, but she left with a rebel adolescent and her whereabouts are unknown.

There you have a little background on the little pixie clan as was told to me, since they have a will of their own and don't like pictures very much I will have them on the shop little by little, so they can find a lovable new home.

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