Pin Cushion Swap

Following a link mentioned by our favorite magazine Mollie Makes, Ms Bitty and I took part in a pin cushion swap hosted by two wonderful ladies Ms Rachel of House of Pinheiro and Ms Charlotte of Sew Far Sew Good. We put our little team badge on the blog and the journey began. 

While we waited for everyone to sign up, to receive our assigned partner, of course the making and sending these ladies came up with lots of fun activities; we are talking lots of giveaways and great tutorials.
The only rule for the swap was that the pin cushions needed to be handmade and to use materials from our own "stach."
So, MsBitty & I received an e-mail from our new swap buddy Helen B. from West Yorkshire. She did a mini intro of herself, PS. we had lots in common ;) we reciprocated and the fun began.
Helen shared that one of her favorite things to do was to sew patchwork quilts for her friends children and that she was currently decorating her back room in a  nature theme. 
MsBitty sat with her little sketchbook and came up with these...

"Patches" pin cushion and case set.
Has the floral "botanical" edge on the pin case (first one we've ever done), fun "patches" on the back, bit of granny chic and a "de-tash" twist.  

Now, the one Helen sent us is absolutely fabulous. She wrote it was inspired by the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Kuwaii.

and she sent some extra goodies too, stickers and magnets.

 Now we are all having fun showing our new pin cushions in our Flickr group and at the end of the month a parade, yippee.

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