Labor Day Giveaway

Is Labor Day people and I hope you are enjoying this day to the max!!

To many of us Labor day is just a day off from work, a holiday in the calendar. Well, yes it is a US federal holiday that began in 1882. Not everyone gets it off,  but a great majority who do work get some incentive. 

Those  who get the LONG weekend off either relax at home, do leisure activities like relaxing on the beach, reading a book, etc.

Many do family & friends get together and enjoy some good and tasty B.B.Q

But, what we see blasted everywhere we go is......

SALES!!! Yes, this is a great day for some good deals but I decided not to go that route ;)

As many of you have noticed MsBittyKnacks is now on Facebook , yey! Well, I still need to reach my 25 likes in order to get my official page. Also, I did my 1st how-to tutorial this weekend on How to make a Voodoo Doll

Since we are celebrating Labor Day, I decided on a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes!! I'm giving away once I reach 25 likes in Facebook a make your own Voodoo Doll kit. 

 The kit is to make 1 doll, which includes: burlap and cotton fabric, yarn, felt sheet, stuffing.

To enter all you have to do is...
LIKE MsBittyKnacks at Facebook and post a comment here or on my wall once that's done.
Yes very simple.
The contest will close once the 25 likes are reached and the winner will be picked randomly.  

Good Luck!!!
Happy Labor Day


1 comment:

Stockannette said...

I couldn't make the link above work, but I went to FB and typed in "MsBittyKnacks" and found you right away! Liked you and added you to my page's faves! xoxo

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