Featured Artist: Paper Llamas

Here's the winner of MsBittyKnacks 7th Artist Feature:

Erin of....

Our featured artist composed a small introduction essay for all to enjoy....

Woodland Fawn Art Print
My name is Erin. I run the Etsy shop Paper Llamas. I sell art prints for kids and those who act like kids. I was introduced to Etsy by my sisters, who run a very successful Etsy shop named, Two Girls Patterns. They design crochet patterns. Anyway, we all thought they were dreaming when they started their store, but we were all wrong. It launched out the starting gate like a race horse. So I decided to copy cat in my own way.

POP Art - Comic Book Art - Thumbs Up
I have always done some kind of work that involved art. I have sold my fine art (the hoitty toitty stuff you put in galleries) but I didn't think it would be possible to make an actual living selling art. We have all heard the term “starving artist”. So in the land of butterflies and rainbows I opened my shop. I am just getting started, but things are looking good. It is so flattering when someone chooses my stuff.

Fox Wall Art Bright Kids Prints
I started my children's prints thinking about what I wanted in a baby's room. I have truck loads of ideas and my biggest problem right now is trying to keep some balance. I want to draw like crazy, but I have three kids and a hot husband that deserve my attention. Also I should probably mow the yard. The neighbors think we moved. I am constantly getting ideas from everything I see. Anything that is beautiful, or makes you feel good. That is the kind of thing I want to bring into my house. Most recently that has been boy art with attitude. I plan to release a bunch of dog prints geared for boys. Something for “mature audiences”, like ten year olds, and dog lovers.

Surfer Wall Art Pop Art Print

Boys Wall Art Surf Woody Vintage Art Print

I am still new myself, but my best advice to aspiring artists is: believe in your work. If you love it, there is someone else out there who will too. And take criticism. Your family and friends want you to succeed. . . so let them help you. Artists are not generally good at marketing, and it shows.

DIY printable Paper Doll Greeting Cards tutorial template pattern

What Does Handmade Mean to you??
To me handmade means. Made with care. An item that a real person has put considerable effort into perfecting so the intended users will love it.

Thanks for listening, Erin of Paper Llamas

Frog Art Print 
Hope you all enjoyed Erin's essay and go on over to her shop and show her some love.

Hedgehog Nursery Art Print



pasqueflower said...

Great designs!

ConnieLou said...

What a great guest artist...fun artwork! I understand the coin toss "heads I finish my art, tails I mow the yard" (okay, two out of three).

Anonymous said...

Very nice feature! Love her shop name! :)

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