Guns and Roses 20th Anniversary Use Your Illusion

This week sorting through my mail as usual I happened to browse the articles to one of my boyfriend's magazines Guitar World; just because it had the Red Hot Chilly Peppers singer on the cover.

However, what came as a shocker was that this year is the 20th anniversary to one of my favorite band album Guns and Roses. I mean, wow 20 YEARS!!! Of course I'm talking about their double album masterpiece Use Your Illusion

Many remember these albums, others just by the hit song "You Could Be Mine" from the Terminator 2 movie and others just by the bands name and their two most popular men:

 Lead singer: Axl Rose

Lead Guitarist: Slash

 But I remember these albums like it was yesterday; the videos like "November Rain" and the fierceness of the music, just absolutely rocking!~! Of course many know that from there it all went down hill for the band!!  

So as a little trip down memory lane and a way to celebrate the anniversary here's some fun GNR!!!

Here is the original line up:
Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven

The band Guns and Roses was formed in 1985 and achieved fame by 1988. Their first album, a personal favorite and one I own!!

Of course they had some in between albums but nothing like the release of Use your Illusion. This album had a midnight release, that's how big a thing it was, specially for those days; and were top 2 on the Billboards!! Good times!!!

At Etsy there's some rocking GNR items too:
AXL Rose of Guns N' Roses Collage CLUTCH WALLET / Purse

Guns & Roses (Slash) Sharpie Art

Personalized Converse Shoes -hand painted Guns n Roses

Guns and Roses Girly Denim Vest
Cool!!  Right??
Here are some pictures of my boyfriends music room! He's a guitarist!! Check out the GNR on these pics. PS. he took these pictures ;)

Slash hat look alike on guitar.

Door poster

This Hendrix tapestry is actually on the roof of the room, had to show this :)

Top right frame.

Of course the 1st album itself.

So, get out your Guns and Roses music or download some and completely Rock ON!!!

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