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Here's the winner of MsBittyKnacks Blog 6th Artist Feature:

Jessica of:

Fall Leaves Orange
Brown Bike in Italy

This wonderful artist is based in Mesa, Arizona, where she resides with husband John and their three rescued chihuahuas. From an early age she has known she wanted to become a photographer, she says: "I've always loved photography. Not many people my age (21), know what they want to do with their life, but I have known that I wanted to be a photographer since I was in first grade. In first grade, we had to fill out a "getting to know each other" survey and one of the questions was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I wrote "a photographer". Every year and on every survey, I wanted to be a photographer. My mother kept the survey and many others like it since then, and my likes and dislikes have changed over the years, but one thing has always remained the same. So here I am." At the age of 16, she began taking photography classes and currently is working towards her Associate Degree in Photography.

Rocky Beach Coastline
 Jessica and John own a giclee print shop for the past three years, she says: "the shop actually got started as just a printing solution for selling my photography at art shows. We had so much interest in printing that we started offering our printing services to other artist and eventually to the general public as well". Jessica found Etsy via her younger sister and opened her shop on January 2010, Faville Photo Photography- favillephoto
where she sells fine art travel photography. "At the moment, most of my photography is from European destinations, like Paris, France and Venice, Italy. All of my photos are for sale as 8"x 10" photo prints, but I also offer all of my photos as stretched canvas prints and on a variety of photo papers and fine art textured papers".  Her best selling items are:

Romantic Couple

Yellow Olive Tree
She also recently started Faville Photo Printing
which of course offers printing services. This artist beautiful works can only be found at Etsy and at local art shows, but coming in October is the debut of her own website:   http://www.favillephoto.com
So, keep posted! ;)

When I asked Jessica what inspires her lovely photographs and how she sparks her inner muse she said: "Standing behind a camera for most of my life has taught me to see things a little differently than an average person. While everyone else is looking at a historical monument in a major city, I am taking macro photos of the grape vine growing on the side of the building. What others may see as insignificant, I see something beautiful. Sometimes lugging around a backpack full of photo equipment, especially on vacations, is actually quite exhausting and can get pretty annoying. But, I force myself to bring everything with me, and when I snap that perfect photo, it makes it all worth it! It also makes me want to take more photos and better photos. :)"
The London Eye
She states her best marketing strategy has been in studying SEO and titles and tag optimization; she explains: "I am having a really tough time with marketing my Etsy shop. Most of my traffic is searches on Etsy and Google. And right when Etsy made their search change to relevancy, I got a sale every day for a few days and my views have been a lot higher! So, I'd say that SEO has paid off." Her advise to all new handmade sellers is: "fill out your profile, shop announcement, and policies... Have at least more than one page of listings, 100 or more is best... Title and tag your listings appropriately, there are a ton of resources explaining how... And just be patient! It takes awhile to get noticed."

Louisiana Swamp
 Of course, What does HANDMADE mean to you???
"There are two ways of manufacturing products - handmade and factory made. Factory made is mass produced on machines with very little human contact. So I would consider handmade to be products that are made one a time with very limited machinery, where the artist or creator has direct involvement from start to finish. Obviously, my definition works best for what I sell, which is photography. The only machinery used is a printer, but everything else, from cutting the mats around the photos to cutting and stretching the canvas prints, is done with our own hands."

Alligator in Louisiana
Jessicas Favorites: 
Artist: "Ansel Adams is my favorite photographer of all time. But, I really admire the work of my father in law. He really is an amazing artist and he is so detailed in his work. I would love to be able to paint like him. We have collaborated on a few pieces, he takes my photograph and paints it, even adds in a few details that make it even better. Painting a photograph adds a whole new element to it."
Rothenburg Germany Acrylic Painting
Holiday: "Christmas, of course! My family makes a huge deal out of Christmas every year... decorating inside and outside, baking cookies for everyone we know, surrounding the tree with mountains of gifts, picking out gifts for Chrismas Angels and Animal Rescue Shelters, and then we make opening Christmas presents into an all day event with snacks and champange and just enjoying each other's company".
Material: My favorite material is canvas... I love how photography looks on canvas! And the bigger it is, the more amazing it looks. I also like Premium Luster Photo Paper, which is a sort of textured semi-gloss paper, and that is what all of my photos are printed on in my shop.
  Color: I love different shades of every color and I love colors that work well together rather than just a single color. But, if I had to choose, I would say... Pink!

Coney Island Amusement Park in New York
Jessica's goals are: "in life is always to travel. I want to travel to as many places as possible to see the beauty of other countries, to experience other cultures, and to find adventure in visiting a new place for the first time. I also want to open an art gallery. My husband and I are working on expanding our business to include art representation, and a gallery will be a part of that! We already have an online gallery of a few select artists in the works which will debut in October. I am really excited for that!"
Pink Bike
Want to know more?? Go on over to this artist shops, buy and follow to be up-dated on the latest! news.

Burro in Oatman Arizona


Kala said...

Fabulous photographer and really enjoyed reading the interview and visiting her shop:):)

Stockannette said...

Love the leaves!

Jessica said...

It looks great, I love it! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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