Featured Artist: y instead of i

Here is the winner of MsBittyKnacks Blog 5th Artist Feature:

Meet Sarah

Hand Embroidered Flower Hoop Art
This wonderful artist is based in Omaha, Nebraska. An extremely busy mother of four boys (ages 9,8,4,2) or as she says: "5 if you count my husband ;)" She has 2 degrees, Studio Art and Interior Design; however her full-time job at the moment is being a mamma, but she says she's "always looking for outside work."
Scrabble Tile Acronym with Embroidery in Hoop
"I have always loved to draw and work with my hands ever since I can remember" says Sara. She has also has done many side projects but about a year ago when a friend encouraged her she began selling her handmade works.
She found Etsy via a friend reference and this is the only current place one can find her lovely art designs craft shop: yinsteadofi. This unique shop name is actually inspired by her last name which is "pronounced Paris but it is a Y instead of an I."

Her shop began selling personalized wall decor and art for children and has grown into embroidery hoop art. She also is currently adding weaving. Her best selling item is the embroidery Peacock Feather, for which she says: "is funny, because I made it on a whim not really thinking about it."

Hand Embroidered Felt Peacock Feather in Hoop

However, her favorite items are the hoops with embroidery and weaving because she loves the process of creating them.
Hand Embroidery and Weaving on 100% Organic Cotton Fabric in 5" Hoop

Hand Embroidery and Weaving with Circles in 5 Inch Hoop
Sarah draws inspiration for her art from nature and music. Even thou she admits her works comes in spurts she says: "my inspiration builds on itself when I'm working on projects, constantly thinking of new ideas which leads to new items." However, when the ugly artist block decides to pay a visit she goes through her sketchbooks and "try to pick things out that could turn into new works or ideas."  
Embroidered Octopus
 Her best marketing strategy has been connecting with others, she says: "whether it be teams, blog, treasuries or twitter; just getting to know others and communicating with them." Her advise to all new handmade sellers is "research, patience and enjoy what you do."

Personalized Art Hoop with Felt Flowers and Name with Scrabble Tiles
What does HANDMADE mean to you??
"Creating items for Someone and not Somebody. You do it for the love of knowing it is original and one of a kind. They are well crafted works that you can trace back to the artist and know where it began."
Hand Embroidered Circles in 5" Hoop with 100% Organic Cotton
Sarah's Favorite:

Artist: "Don't have a favorite but have always admired Frida Kahlo's works and Eva Hesse's.
Holiday: Halloween. She explains: "what other time do you get to be somebody else- no questions asked."
Materials: thread, pencil, paper, fabric, anything tactile.
Color: Neutrals, earthy and naturals.
Techniques: "I just created a few works where I worked embroidery and weaving together, fascinating to see the project grow into itself."
Etsy Shops: redbeandesign , LBCpaper , lovemaude , aewilder ,"Too many to name."

Personalized 8" Hoop with Scrabble Tiles and Embroidered Flowers
 Sarah's goal is to make a living from her art and to still enjoy it with no regrets. 

Hand Drawn, Digitally Colored Print of 3 Flowers
Now that you know her go on over to her shop and become part of her wonderful world.  

Hand Embroidered Five Petal Felt Flower


sarah said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my work!! This really turned out great!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Lovely profile! I really feel like I know Sarah and can appreciate her art more than just looking at photos of the work. I really like that peacock feather. It's just enough!

ArtsyNina said...

So pretty! LOVE that peacock feather!

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