Back To School!! (*o*)

A Dream of School Supplies
by: Kenn Nesbitt

I had a dream of school supplies,
where paperclips could talk;
where poster paper hung around
with marking pens and chalk.

The stationery idled
while the pencils madly raced.
The clocks went 'round in circles,
and the glue sticks merely paced.

The binders were inseparable.
They bonded with the tape.
The workbooks exercised
and helped the stencils stay in shape.

Some calculators added
to the numbers in this land,
and music was provided by
a singing rubber band.

My dream was strange and truly cool,
but this was even cooler:
The dictionaries all looked up to me.
I was the ruler.

Isn't that a cute poem?? Since many of you are shopping around like crazy for back to school, I thought these were some funny and cool finds, in celebration of Education!!

I thought these vintage photos were fun, don't all parents and teachers wish kids were this attentive.

These are the original composition notebooks, I personally like them more than the plain ones available. ;)

 I sure miss back to school shopping!! I am a stationary fanatic, an love to browse all the goodies brought for back to school sales. Of course that means I have tons of blank notebooks around the house, but they sure come in handy. 

folders anyone???

 Ohh, and I always wanted a lunch box like this one:

But, one thing is very important is what all these supplies are there for which is to aid the kids in learning; because a solid education is the base root of all of our future. Hope this school year goes great!!

Class 2012???

Happy Back To School!!!


Jennifer said...

Those composition books are the best! I bought a few and couldn't stop obsessing over how smooth the paper was!

Erika Price said...

Erika here, popped over from the Wednesday Blog Hop. I'm a paper and stationery junkie too!!!!!

Heather said...

what a cute blog! I love school supplies - hee! I remember school supply shopping being my favorite time of year...great lunchbox, too!

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