Day of the Dead~ Halloween Party Couple

Finally, after much work they are here and ready to party!! Meet the hottest couple in town all dressed and ready to rock your Halloween Party.

A OOAK, handmade original Day of the Dead Couple. These two are made out of clay and paper mache; painted with acrylics and dressed in an elegant Victorian Era attire. As opposed to past Day of the Dead pieces, this couple took me longer do to the quantity of detail their make-up and attire required.

Here is the gent, with his spade nose and curly mustache. Dressed in an all black suit, thin orange tie,  lace handkerchief and the must have top hat.


Of course Catrina has the flower eyes, heart nose and flowers on the side of her skull. Radiant smile and a mini veiled top hat. 

Their clothing was made out of black cotton fabric and orange lace; sewed using clear thread. Look closely to see the thread detail in the borders of the clothing....

They hold a "Happy Halloween" paper sign

Here are various angle views for your viewing pleasure.
0 0
"    o    "

As you can see they stand together on a wooden platform that was painted with orange and black crackled paint, gosh I love this paint!!!.

At their feet smiling is a small plush pumpkin with a paper bat on her head.
(my first plush dolly ;)

Of course at the bottom of the piece is the store's stamp with the date.

Here you have it folks, this lovely piece is already for sale at my Etsy shop. Do give me your thoughts, Thanks!


bre said...

very cute! reminds me of danse macabre. :)

Janet said...

Wow, you are a true artist! Love this.

MADA said...

they are so cute !
and look so in love
great job .

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