3 Sleepy Heads and Some Bitty News

As the time to sleep slowly approaches,
all that was done today has left all thoughts,
relaxation and comfort is all that is wanted,
finally can't take it no more....

These are my  three sleepy heads!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o     o~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sneaky Bitty News!!!

First, Thank you to all the new followers and all of those who have left comment. They are highly appreciated!!

As many of you have notice Halloween is in the air and is all I have on my working table at the moment. Had a bit slow down with a summer cold, yuck! But back and running. Besides all this super fun stuff, I was one of the winners of Mollie Makes 1st issue and am hooked!!

I have always had a bit of fascination with needle works, but now am on a mission to learn. I am specially attracted to embroidery and felted plush dolls. 

Like these!!!
There are some extremely talented people on Etsy, so if you are one of them and know how to, some tips PLEASE! Where would you recomend for me to start???
I would really appreciate any help...

1 comment:

Shelley (EvenAndy) said...

I do not know how to do either but Etsy just had a lab on embroidery. They have the how to on Livestream and they have the instructions on the blog. Good Luck!

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