Wood Burning Art

As many of you know, my mother, who resides in Puerto Rico is a certified artisan in wood burning over there.

Don Quixote of La Mancha

When I went to visit on the 4th of July weekend, I took personal enjoyment in photographing some of the MANY works my mother had in storage. 

Yeah, I can't believe all this beautiful art is in storage. My mission when I go next time, which will be very soon is to show her how to navigate Etsy comfortably, so she can start her own shop. She's got some killer holiday art. 
Three Kings with Puerto Rican Baby

This piece is over 3 feet tall. Most of her art is made with native wood. Of course there are the occasional wood plaques I send her from the craft shops, for practicing purpose. Here is some more...

Adam and Eve

The dark stain on this piece is natural from the wood. Yes, wood has imperfections.

This last one is the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. 
 Isn't the tree cute???

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