Mustachio Monsters

I never thought twice about mustaches. I mean, my dad has always had one; the most mustaches got my attention was if someone had a funny looking one, that's it! Well, ever since I joined Etsy, I've been fascinated by all the fun mustachios out there. Not people wise, but all the cute and fun art people make....and this is not mentioning that YES! Etsy is a bit obsessed with mustachios ;)

I mean, I can go on giving examples and have mustachio posts for the whole month or probably more. Just by typing mustache on Etsy search I get 6,759 items, crazy right?? Well, got to say and I admit, I have become another mustachio aficionado. Yes!! So, as my treat and to make that search number get higher I introduce you all to my:

Mustachio Monsters 

Here is Frankenstein and the Mummy.

Here is Dracula and a Black Cat.

The funny mustachios monsters are actually pins! They were handmade out of clay and painted with acrylics. These are a bit over 2in. in diameter.

They have black tinsel around the head and vintage paper page back.

Here are some close-ups!



 So, who else loves the mustachios??

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