Artist Feature: Wendy Bissonnette

Here is the 2nd winner of MsBittyKnacks Blog Artist Feature
Wendy Bissonnette

Wendy is a full-time artist/crafter based in Manchester, New Hampshire. Wife and mother to an 18 year-old son, passionate about and creation of art in all forms; sketching, photography, poetry and  her true passion painting. However, less than a year ago she discovered the art of crochet, specifically aigurumi and began making her famous monsters shortly thereafter.  

On her shop Lil BoogeyMen you can find crochet monsters. She says: "from choosing the yarn to giving each one his or her own unique name, I thoroughly enjoy creating my Lil BoogeyMen as much as I enjoy being able to share them with others".
Wendy initiated her handmade journey by making jewelry. She had done some pieces for personal use, when a friend saw her work and referred her to Etsywhere she opened up her 1st shop www.PandorasBox75.etsy.com. Here, besides the jewelry she also sells stitch markers for knitting. But she says: "When I started making my monsters, everyone was asking me if they could buy one which led to the opening of my second Etsy shop Lil BoogeyMen". which of course are her best sellers.  

However, she does have a bit of attachment to her mini- monsters which are only available at her ArtFire Studio

When asked what where her inspirations, she stated: "to be honest there is not much that doesn’t inspire me! Color, different yarns and music are a few big ones", but her biggest inspiration is her son. She thinks and I must agree, that it is very important to find what you love to do and to just go for it. That this is a vital life lesson, a lesson she wants her son to see the importance of.

When the artist block pop his ugly head Wendy knocks him right back down usually with a simple trip to the craft stores. But when it persists and wants to be the stubborn she takes a break from whatever project she is doing just do something completely different.  
Wendy's advise to all new handmade sellers is "Don’t give up and have patience! You have to be patient with the fact that start-up sales will be slow until you have more exposure. Advertising is a must and there are many ways to do so within a budget as well as for free. Networking through social media is a great way to advertise and get yourself out there. Best of all it’s free! Her best marketing strategy has been her advertising via Ravelry.com, which she states: "is a fantastic website/community for both knitters and crocheters."


Of course, I must ask: What does HANDMADE mean to you??
"To me handmade is very special. Someone has poured their heart and soul into creating something that they are passionate about. With that comes a certain quality that you just don’t find in mass-produced items."

 Wendy's Favorites:
Artists: Tim Burton.
Holidays: "I would have to say Halloween.  I love everything about
 Halloween, but I also still find something very magical
 about Christmas."
Materials: 100% super wash merino yarn.
Color: "I really do love all colors, but my three favorites
 would have to be green, orange and purple."
Techniques: "I don’t really have any one favorite technique with crochet. Now, favorite style of crochet on the other hand I do have which is definitely amigurumi!"
Etsy Shops:  "There are so many! I think I have 11 pages of
 them but a few that stick out the most would be: MyCreepyCritters, OllieAndRose, newagedolls, danitashop and of course MsBittyKnacks!
Wendy's current short-term goals are to introduce a new line to her shop: “sock monsters” which she expects to do in the very near future. She is also debating on opening a new shop focused on paintings only. Long term she says: "I would have to say - to be successful enough to be able to continue doing
what I love."

You can find, chat, like, and follow this wonderful artist at:

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