Artist Feature: Mardi Maston

Here is the Winner of MsBittyKnacks Blog 1st Artist Feature:
Mardi Maston

Mardi is based in Yuba City, California. Been creating as far back as she can remember, she says:
"there was never any reason for me to do this, except for it made me happy." She was a Payroll Office Administrator; but was let go once the job market soured-up. However, around November 2010 she began searching online for a place where she could sell her creations without much hassle and stumbled upon Etsy. She opened her Etsy shop "FromHereToDayDreams" but she admits in getting really serious with it within the past few months. In her shop you can find: up-cycled and custom photo wallets, custom and pre-made blossoming sewing boxes, faeries and elf ornaments and digital graphics.
At the moment she finds herself very occupied working with materials to create her nifty little wallets that hold 30 wallet size photos/ credit cards and on her blossoming sewing boxes which are designed and originated by her. PS. They are also her favorite item from her store, according to her they are: "unique, I think. They're just very me." She states that when she feels whimsical, she will "push out a few faeries" which keep her on a creative path. Mardi admits loving to design and create Christmas ornaments, and hopes to be focusing on them soon.

Being a person that has a wide range of crafting interest and takes advantage of that by using different media to create whatever fancy takes flight in her mind; Mardi admits that most of her inspirations just "pop in" her head. She explains: "sometimes, something will happen and I’ll think, I wonder if I could make a....or to make this easier to do....I don’t know really, I’m just always thinking stuff up and wondering, What if?” But, when the ugly artist block pops his head she states that she places herself in a place where she doesn't have to think much, this she accomplish either by watching a movie or just doing some reading. Then sure enough "my mind starts to wander all on its own."

When asked what was her best marketing strategy, Mardi answered: "I’m new to marketing, I can’t say I have a “best” strategy but I’m finding that communicating with other Etsy shop owners seems to work well. I’ve been blogging a lot more and networking to get more blog buddies."  This she admits keeps her motivated and focused. She has also participated on giveaways on blogs with lots of followers, this has helped her not only in an increase of traffic but also as a way to evaluate which of her items are the most solicited. Her advise to all of those new handmade sellers is: "take advise from others but make sure you stay true to yourself and your craft."

Of course, must ask What does HANDMADE mean to you??
"When something is handmade, it's a piece of the maker. To look at a finished product is like
looking inside the creator’s heart and soul. When someone buys something that is handmade he is getting more than an object, he is getting a  piece of the maker themselves."

Mardi's Favorites:

Artist: Leonardo DaVinci and Ben Franklin ( she said: "I feel a kindred to their why of creating. I feel that they loved art and science. They had a way of making amazing things both practical and impractical"). Amy Brown, Tim Burton ( "just love his animation creations! So cute and creepy!"). 
Holidays: Halloween and Christmas ("because that’s when crafting is most fun").
Colors: "Pastels at the moment, and I’m sure it will change. Green seems to make every other color pop so I’m most attracted to it".
Materials: "I use so many different materials; combining different medias to create something is probably my favorite thing to do".
Techniques: "I love so many things, my favorite is which ever I’m working with at the moment."

Mardi's current goals are to focus more on her marketing, begin her holiday ornaments no later than June, get back into her children's faerie book project, and of course she admits on having some new ideas up her sleeve which she hopes to get out before this year is over. You can find and follow this wonderful artist at:

Well, once again Mardi, I would like to congratulate you and give you a very warm thank you. Here you have it people, Please do take your time and browse her shop, swing by her blog and facebook and become a follower.

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From Here To Daydreams said...

This is such a nicely written feature! Thank you so very much for choosing me.

I'm not exactly sure what to say, other than thank you. It's an absolute honor.


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