Seductive Blue Gaze Insight....

After the preview, I was finally able to up-load my pictures and post the collage on my Etsy.

This adorable piece tells a story within itself. The main character of course being the vixen with the seductive blue gaze. Since the actual image is a cut up t-shirt, her eyes stand out much more!!

A heart breaker classic, she is the most desired of all. But to her, men are just boys for amusement as expressed on the tags at her right
As seen on the tags one is regular paper the small one is metal. The title on a ripped page made to look "vintage" also representing her actions toward her admirers heart. The little passage, which was a mission to gather just came to be, plus my eyes were hurting a bit :).

The mementos...many of us still do this, I know I do!! The love notes, the picture, play stubs, flower, lace, promise of forever, the key to the heart, all nicely piled up with a ribbon. But, look closed to the top note, the goodbye and SORRY with the paper looking as if crushed by the hand of the lover after reading and unable to contain the grief. These are her little trophies, yeah!! she's bad.

The outfit...huge flower and tulle hat, lace & pearls for upper part of outfit...quite romantic. I adore the clothing and style of the Victorian Era. aka. 1913 date on bottom left.

The background began with a floral design paper, then ripped book pages, vintage scrap/ images. Acrylics: light grey blue, tan brown, wine red; all watered for different shades and mixed with watered gesso for texture. Last of course was my favorite: crackled paint.
Lovely isn't???

What do you think???


Ruby Tombstone said...

This is AMAZING Bitty! I have such a soft spot for memento pieces. I really love the violet shade on the photograph too. Just stunning colour. I love that you have story to go along with it. I did something similar with a memento mori piece, and now I'm far too attached to it!

aseismanos said...

I love this collage! Very nice colour combinations.

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