My Lovelies!!!

After many failed attempts, I was barely able to catch a picture of my two little ones. Of course the pics are super blurry: (a perfect example of what pictures not to use on your Etsy store), but I had to be fast these schnauzers are super hyper active. Here is my eldest Nio, which many have seen from older post. He's 9 years old, salt-n-pepper and still going strong. PS He's SPOILED ROTTEN!!
Now, the trouble maker of the house. He's Nio's son, only 7 months old but already bigger than the dad, black-n-white, and the one going to doggy school (total waste of $$$). He is my BABY, Scrapy.
I know I may sound like a crazy lady  :0, I never thought I actually was going to feel like this about a pet. But these little ones are just too adorable and mean a world too me.

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Sher said...

I love your lovelies! I have a little lovely myself.

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