Mother's Day Thoughts....

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!!

Today is a day that pulls a bit on my sentiments and as most  a day to cherish that special woman in your life, even thou I personally believe it is a celebration that should be held daily. Here I would like to introduce to you all my mom Sara, or as I still call her mami (mommy in Spanish).
My mom has and still is a huge influence in my life, not only in my persona (character, thoughts, views, etc..) but she is the one from whom I inherited my artistic streak from. As most have read on my "About page", she has encouraged me from an early age to learn and try different modes of art (canvas, ceramic painting and embellishment, drawing, and believe me when I say the list continues....). Now as an adult, when we chat (she currently resides in Puerto Rico), a huge amount of the conversation goes to: have you seen this site? have you tried that? have you seen my latest? what do you think? She is my most faithful fan and my most honest critic.
Her favorite artist is Jasmine Becket-Griffith whom she had no idea was the masterpiece creator of my tattoo design. She loves making putz houses for Christmas and is a certified wood burning artist in PR. Here are some of her pieces:

This is what she made me for my birthday last month, it's called "Roots"

Aren't they lovely??
Well, I let you have a great day, have to give my mom a call. XOXO

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Pamela said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother. It's funny how we still need our mothers regardless of our age. And the older we get it seems like the more we need them.

New GFC follower from Blue Eyed Blessings.


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