3 Whimsy Collages

When I began working on these collages I had an idea of doing a set with little faeries in different situations (ex. sleeping, flying from a bee, and exploring a flower). I was super exited with the idea in my head, so I began working on the first, but once done I was a bit awe struck on how she came out....

.....I mean she looks like she is freaking out!!! :O Yuck!!
So, after much thought and pondering nothing was coming up, I kept viewing the same idea. I almost threw the canvases away. I kept changing the background paint over and over again until one late evening I decided to try something else, if it didn't work I figured Oh Well, I"ll just toss them. One thing led to another and taraaaahhhhh!!! The end result are on my Etsy shop.
                                       Love http://www.etsy.com/listing/73259299/love-original-mixed-media-art-collage


I totally LOVE the end result!!! Specially, when you look close enough, the little details look kind of neat.....

the collaged paper pattern/cut style and of course the crackle effect

now that is a cute face!!!

the texture of the multiple layers....and cute little ants :)

 They just kind of amazed me the way they came out. Yeah!! am a bit proud of them. But hey what artist isn't proud of their work!!!

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