renningers extravaganza...

been wanting to share last saturday's adventure.. 
read of it on a flea market style magazine, they hold this event twice a year, but from what i found out they have regular flea markets and antique shows. however, the funny part is, i lived in sanford, fl for many years and never heard of this, where was i?? no idea, haha!! 
of course the day started with the 3.5 hr drive, passed two big accidents that did slooowed the commune, booo!!!!! not a happy camper, but...

when i finally made it, OMG, yes huge OMG!!!!!!! 
the place was huge and it was packed. i've never seen anything like it for real, just on tv. the BF and i had no idea where to start, but we did and let me tell ya, we didn't make a dent, i mean we didn't get to see half of it....

look at this, huge!!!

i did behave and stuck to my shopping list, am keeping it hush, hush but will soon enough reveal. but i must say for any that like the scavenger hunt this is the place. the BF and i loved it and will definitely be going to the next one BUT doing and over niter so we can go two days.
in my opinion it's an A+++++++++ event

happy junking!


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