halloween round up...

bit behind on this post, but on wednesday you will all know why, but let me say halloween was fun this year. the weekend prior was raining constantly in miami, lucky me, i got tickets to xtreme scare park and it was FUN!!! besides the park next there was xtreme action park and OMG, more fun!! the BF wanted to do the rope challenge, i must admit that i was a bit hesitant, but went ahead, it started easy, bit anxious but good. here is an example, we were safe with a bungee 

well, brave old me decided to tackle something a bit harder, did those two challenges and i almost left my arms attached, the BF was smart and didn't crossed but he sure was  laughing up a storm. i did it but boy was i sore for the rest of the week n my hands even got swollen up, yeah out of commission, ate some reward ice cream and headed home were i had the best night sleep ever, haha!!!

earlier that day got this mutant veggie in the mail, whom i've come to adore. made by the talented CalamityKim

too cute!!!

this year got a bit more trick or treaters, but i still ate more candy than what i gave out :( but my front patio looked spooky right??

and had to share my monthly stress, had my old one sick with an eye infection, luckily he responded well to the meds and is back to his old self, but that cone was just too funny, we nicknamed him rocking flower (florecita rockera) haha!!
out for now, but check back on wednesday for a preview of the first batch of this years christmas collection!!

happy crafting,


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