i've been waiting to post this because with all the running arounds the piece barely made it in time for the show, and no proper photo was taken and had to wait till it was on their site, oops!
well, Ink and Pistons celebrated their anniversary party on June 25th. 

as always they threw a fabulous hot rod, tattoo, rockabilly fabulous party. I created a custom embroidery piece for this show which is available for purchase at Slushbox Gallery site

here is the piece called: 'Till Death is a day of the dead, tattoo, rockabilly inspired shadow box embroidery assemblage.

who likes??
i do and i miss making skull/ day of the dead art, maybe for the october months you will see more, will see.... anyway,
happy anniversary to the ink and pistons/ slushbox gallery family you are all always awesome and may the greatness continue!!

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