indie craft bazaar...

hello, hello, way past due post but better late than sorry right?!?! as many of you know this past saturday i vended at the indie craft bazaar and what a fun time it was!!!

got a bit worried when i saw the weather was predicting afternoon showers and let me tell you if you've never been in Fl during summer, those afternoon showers can last for quite a bit; and what do you know 12pm and it started raining, yikes!! lucky me i was at a spot completely covered, but the vendor's next and in front of me had to move and quickly. good news thou, it only lasted a bit, maybe less than 30 minutes and then the show really got started. 
i did some last minute tweaks to the table set up and check it out

had to put the novelty pillows below eye level, but it was for now. definitely have to improve that, but overall, too cute!!

made an extension to hang the macrame plant hangers and it came out fabulously, yay!!

now the rock stars of the show were these beauties, that by my hurry and last minute were named and  i totally forgot to make note and now i can't remember their given names :( 
**so if for a lucky chance you are one of the customers please message me or hashtag me their names, thanks!!**
and with no further delay here they are....

 been working on these and way more things that will be making their appearances soon, but these ladies have more little sisters on their way, so keep posted.
I want to take the time and thank the organizers for the good time and most importantly to all the nice people that stopped and said hello, was wonderful meeting and talking to you all and will see you soon.
till next one  n happy crafting

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