wow April just flew bye!! not only has the weather been gorgeous and i have been enjoying doing lots of outdoor activities and it is/ was my birthday month, but also a time that i have paused the Bitty production and have been weathering the future trajectory of the shop, what selling venue to use, and also trying to integrate new artistic passions into my already known brand. yes, lots off pondering... 
first, some already have noticed, plus i made a semi- small announcement, i have moved my available and older stock to  my Aftcra shop and the newest and most recent makes will be at my site MsBittyKnacks.com I will only keep the made to order items at the Etsy shop for now.
second, will be reducing the variations of makes and concentrate on the whimsies i enjoy making the most. so, the made to order category will grow, of course on the local level they will be available whenever i vend at a pop-up market/ fair.
so enjoy Spring, good weather and soon enough you will start seeing all the fun new projects i've been working quietly on.
till then,
happy crafting,

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