not lost...

hello, hello!!
no i haven't left and still alive, just been preparing for a show Sunday, the Miami flea if you haven't heard. have been working on a brand new set up for this and all future craft shows, i will be using part of it since i will be sharing a tent with another vendor, but the difference will still be quite visible. also, that means NEW dolly's that i have been keeping exclusive to make their day view at the fair and a new concept that i will be introducing this year (ps. if you follow on instagram you may have a clue as to what, haha!!) 
also, designed new business cards that are similar to the shop banner, soon to be seen.... 
a bit mysterious???? nah just behind on the photo department, haha!
so don't go anywhere and just for being an awesome blog follower here is a coupon code for the 2016 calendars ONLY, get 50% OFF with code "HALFOFF"


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