first flea...

well, MsBitty finally vended in town (Miami) and what an event it was!!! 

the Miami Flea was super fun and really can't wait to be there again. the vendors and organizers were very helpful and friendly; as a plus lots of my friends and family came over to show their support. as seen above got a new set up for future fairs, have one piece of the full set up still missing, but you will get to see it on the next show. as can be seen i incorporated some vintage finds to the whimsy mix.

got the little dreamers in a vintage doll case so they can hang out...

this other doll case got a fresh new background; it's a children vintage paper from my last visit to the Cooper City antique mall, also added a tiny shelf, cute right??

the stool is another find from my last pick, just changed the cushion cover with the red dottie oilcloth. also, can you see the little toy drums?? been saving those for this for a bit now, finally got to use them...

used my old market canister to hold more softies, but the main thing is the table  and little bench which were handmade by me with the muscles of the BF, my first "shabby farm style" table, with the white and washed gray, just loooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and that's not adding the last minute bunting too.
another fun part of the fair as always is meeting artist friends and meeting new ones.
here's my friend Yanira of yerbamala designs, just looove her macrame!!!

here is one of my neighbors YuvaKala who makes beautiful jewelry and more...

the other was IS Projects with fabulous stationary 

now after the first hour the place just got packed!!!! i mean full house. the performers were fabulous, had the people having a great time and it was a treat, the time literally just flew.

like i said a fabulous time and can't wait to go at it again!


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