hi all!
just wanted to touch base with all of my faithful blog followers who may not see my daily postings on instagram, facebook or twitter. as you can imagine, been on a roll with all the holiday makes, finishing pretties for the shop and some custom orders that have been keeping me very busy. on top of that, you all know i have a very demanding day job and have some other fun working that will soon be revealed. I've also been scrutinizing the shop, want to "upgrade/ re-design" for lack of better word at the moment, so that is why the new holiday items are having variable backgrounds, but i think i may have found a winner. don't get me wrong, i love still the dark wooden one, but that is just it, it's DARK and for some items, just didn't work at all. with that also comes the product photography, which i'm also working on, currently taking some courses and reading as much as i can online, to help improve the quality of my photos and to give my customer's a better experience and take my shop to another level. as explained on the holiday dreamer post am working with some friends, doing collaborations to have extra exposure to different markets and most of all to learn from them. and if that is not enough, been making local connections to expand on a local scene too. 
on a personal note, i'm happy to share i will be spending thanksgiving with my mother who is visiting the state. and will be taking a macrame course next saturday, so keep posted on instagram for on the spot photos. 
ok, till the next rambling
happy crafting

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