i've been a bit in awe with all the "changes" going on over at Etsy lately. i keep reading is for the best of the artist, too make the online shopping experience more personal, to give sellers more options to expand and grow their business, but too many sellers, myself included the experience has been that our items get lost on searches due to the inundation of reproduction NOT handmade items and the stats trend are consistently going down since last year. don't get me wrong, some seller's are doing good, they have their client base locked and it's fabulous; but for those starting up, and the ones that can only apply 50- 75% of their time due to other matters it is very rough. 
 now, i love Etsy and i won't give in yet, but constantly finding stuff being passed as handmade and being able to find them on ebay for half of the price is just frustrating!!!!! 
well, i had a friend recomend me to this all american handmade site called aftcra 

it's still growing and so far i'm loving their mission and dedication to handmade!!
so here i have my little space, i have listed mostly my made to order items but soon will be posting NEW holiday goodies so check it out!! 


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